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Top 55 Pixie Cuts We Love for 2019

The short cut called “pixie cut” is more and more popular among people and the street. To know everything about this trendy haircut, we asked Patrick Lagré, aesthetic director of the Toni & Guy hair salons . From choosing the right length to the circadian maintenance, everything, everything, everything will know everything about the pixie!

Top 55 Pixie Cuts We Love for 2019

One could say “one” since it is especially women who wear this cup. But at the same time, it’s a masculine, boyish haircut, so saying “a” pixie is just as right. The difficulty lies in the fact that this androgynous cut has evolved a lot since its first appearance on the model Twiggy , so much so that it is difficult to define precisely today.

There are several versions. But the basic concept of pixie is to be a short haircut with a lot of sweetness. It is also a style with a strong personality, which allows different hairstyles. There is a disconnection between the short base and the longer lashes in the ears, everything is mixed if one passes the hand in the hair, it is a “harmonious disconnection”. Due to this asymmetry, the wick can be worn to the right, to the left, or brought to the front.

When choosing a cup, there are several rules. In principle all forms of faces can wear a pixie. But the nature and the implantation of the hair are also very important factors. For very thick hair for example, it will be necessary to either opt for very short, or for locks with a real length for it to hold with the weight.

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