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Art is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Top 40 Matching nails and lipstick makeups

Make-up has become an art today. Make-up makers today create a masterpiece on people faces and manicures on their nails. Many ladies love the trend that has become popular at the moment, that is, aperture and nails abiding in the aforementioned way, with the aforementioned colors and with the aforementioned motif. Somehow, the ladies consistently capital to acclimatize the blush of the lipstick with the nail polish color. Today, it all went far further and it’s not only about combining of two colors.

Lipsticks and nail polishes are the best-selling cosmetic products in the world. Every woman wants to look nice, seductive and confident. Therefore it is very important how she feels.

On every person impression will leave unusual colors on your lips, so wake the artist inside you and play. Designed prints or printed words and letters on the lips are no longer unusual.

Cared nails leave an important impression on people. However, knowingly or not most of us make mistakes when it comes to their care. One of the common mistakes is not placing the primer before applying the paint. Because of this, the fingernails become weak, brittle and the color is quickly removed.

Avoid fast drying products that dry fast nail polishes, select them when you need to. These tools, as well as UV lamps, are often used to cause the nails to become fragile. About the nibbling and how embarrassing it is it’s much to write. And it’s not hygienic. The situation is worse if you do it with nailed nails.

Cracked lips look messy. That’s why you need to do peeling regularly. Lightly with teeth brush, massage your mouth. This will stimulate circulation in lips. Then apply labelo. After that, make sure that the base is applied on mouth because in that way your lipstick will be more stable. Frame lips with a pencil and gently fill it with it, than apply lipstick over it. For the effect of fuller lips, always apply gloss. Your lips will look nurtured and you will look very feminine.

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