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Summer Nail Arts You Should Try

Summer is the perfect time to decorate your nails with unique designs. However, sometimes using the same design and colors can be a bit boring.

This unique design is a stunning mixture of blue, red, and yellow nails that captures the essence of summer.

Featuring a beautiful pink base and tips painted with small stripes of red, yellow, and green, this summer nail art is sure to impress many.

You can paint each finger with a different color, like purple, pink, green, and yellow to celebrate these vibrant summer shades.

To make this summer nail art, cut your nails in a ballerina shape and then paint a pastel pink base on them with each tip featuring lime green. You can also dedicate one nail on each hand to have a silhouette of a palm tree.

Ice cream and lollipops are a fun youthful aspect of summer you can highlight with this nail art. You can use a light color base for this nail art, like pink.

This summer nail art involves you painting your nails yellow and green and placing a palm tree silhouette on different fingers.

To make this summer nail art, you can use ballerina shaped nails and then paint them in stunning ombre orange colors.

This nail art is a little intricate, but it’s a beautiful ode to summer. You can paint a pink base and then use gel polish to paint a small butterfly wing pattern on each of your fingers.

To make this nail art, shape your nails in a ballerina shape and then paint then a deep red. You can then paint speckled designs on one nail with a lighter shade of red.




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