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Stylish Pixie Hairstyles in 2019 | Pixie Hair Cuts Ideas

You can find best pixie hairstyles ideas for your face shape in this web site. Short haircuts like many girls, as they are practical, accessible to apple-pie and do not crave abundant styling. At the moment of short pixie hairstyles in fashion in the pixie style haircut. Her classic version provides very short hair on the sides, straight or slanting bangs and elongated curls at the nape.

Pixie hairstyles returned with the style of the 60s and became popular among hair stylists.

I think that you need to have great courage like that to take and trimming a her hair just below the “Pixie” for short hair – it’s short hair, they always give a special charm.

although fashion designers still prefer long hair, many Hollywood celebrities, including Michelle Williams, Anne Hathaway, Emma Watson, Carey Mulligan and Jennifer Goodwin, parted ways with short pixie hair.

Short history of women’s haircuts began almost 100 years ago, but the real boom began in the ’50s, when in 1953 the screens released film “The Girl, which was all” with Elizabeth Taylor in the title role.

In the same 53-m specially for the filming of the movie “Roman Holiday” Audrey Hepburn has shorn her long hair, and the image of a thin girl with huge eyes and neatly cropped head has become a cult.

In 1989, a short pixie haircut dare Linda Evangelista, and it cost her several contracts and important catwalk, but a year later the supermodel said she did not get out of bed less than 10 thousand dollars.

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