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Sparkly Ideas for Diamond Nails

Diamond nails can add real glamour to your look and get you noticed. There are lots of ways you can use diamonds on your nails. The jewels can be teamed with a colorful pattern, or used on nails painted in a single vibrant color. Alternatively for a more refined and subtle look you can use diamonds on a pale or neutral shade. One or two diamonds in a simple pattern on a flesh-toned pink offers a very elegant and glamorous look that goes well with any outfit. Then there are nails completely encrusted in diamonds. Diamond are, after all, a girl’s best friend – so you can never have too many of them!These nails are the height of feminine glamour. Three of the nails are in a medium plain pink. Another is adorned with glittery silver. One of the pink тails on each hand has a beautiful semi-circular diamond crystal pattern with a larger jewel in the center.This is a very glamourous look. Three of the nails have a striking diamond glitter almost completely covering a black background. One of the remaining nails has a slightly more sparse glittering multi-colored effect on a natural tone. The last nail is a glossy white, inlaid with a single pink jewel.The midnight blue of the nails offers the perfect backdrop for the double diamond band curving around the inside of the cuticle on one hand. To add a touch more glamour one of the long rounded nails is painted in a plain gold color.

These nails are done in a high gloss navy blue. One nail on each hand has a striking diamond white design. The radial pattern with dots is very vibrant set against the navy blue background color.These nails have a glitter silver curve running around the top of the nail on an otherwise natural colored base. Each of the nails features a single line of diamond crystals. Four of these patterns are semi-circular contouring to the arc of the silver glitter tips. The remaining pattern is S-shaped running the length of the nail.

These nails are painted in subtle pink, almost red, and black colors. Two of the nails are red, and one is black. The remaining nail is left in a neutral tone. The two glossy black ones feature a beautiful line of diamonds running along the side of the nail. The neutral colored nail is covered in larger, different sized diamonds.There are glossy black patterns featuring an array of different diamond designs on these nails. Each nail has a black geometric pattern, except one which is entirely black. The patterns are laced with stylishly placed small diamond crystals. One of the black patterns also has a little pink feature.

These nails feature many different designs. One of the nails has a white geometric lines against a gloss black backdrop. Another nail is completely covered in silver and gold glitter. One white nail on each hand has a stunning semi-circular ring along the bottom. The remaining nails are painted in a very light pink.This is another design that makes use of pale pinks and whites to highlight the diamond crystals. Silver and gold glitter covers or partially covers a different pale colored pattern on each of the nails except one. This pair is painted a subtle white to better show off a simple but stylish pattern of diamonds.

The height of luxury, these nails feature an array of different intricate designs on a white background. Two of the nails have beautiful diamond heart shapes with gold details. Another two feature a ruby, silver and gold glitter pattern running down the middle of each nail. The remaining nails are all white with a tasteful single diamond at the base.

These nails have black and white designs which feature diamond and jet black crystals. The two-tone patterns are both linear and heart shaped with pink details. The black and diamond crystals are arranged in various patterns with two nails containing a design of diamond and gold jewels.

Three of these nails are painted a plain glossy charcoal grey. One on each hand has a very stylish gold, diamond and black crystal pattern pointing to the top of the nail. The reaming two nails are covered in an intricate white lace pattern. Tiny sparkles of gold and silver are arranged inside of the white lined designs.

These nails combine three striking elements. Three nails are painted in just a glittery gold color. Another three have white leaf designs inlaid with gold jewels against a glossy black background. A single nail has a line of diamond and silver crystals running through the center of a black base.

This long rounded design makes use of a very pale blue gloss to highlight two simple but stylish diamond crystal patterns. The V-shaped diamond patterns have plain palest blue edges at the top of the nail. The diamonds are then left to sparkle against a neutral background on the rest of the nail.

All these nails are painted in a medium grey gloss except one. This remaining nail is loaded with diamond, black and ruby crystals of different shapes and sizes. The multi-colored crystal provides a striking contrast to the plain grey for a sophisticated but bold look.

These almond hued nails feature a very stylish diamond and ruby crystal pattern on one finger. The line of jewels running along one side of the nail offers a look of real class. The squared off end of the nails compliment the simple nature of the design.

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