Popular & Magical Mermaid Hair Ideas For 2018 Summer

Popular & Magical Mermaid Hair Ideas For 2018 Summer Stunningly titled and coloured imaginary being hair ideas listed below that able to create any lady aristocrat.


Here square measure some ideas from the pebbly waves to slow down braids, pastel ombre, and rainbow streaks. Even with short hair you’ll be able to use one in every of these imaginary being color trends.

Popular & Magical Mermaid Hair Ideas For 2018 Summer

There’s the bright, neon, tie-dye hair of your Manic Panic and Myspace past, and then there’s mermaid hair, a soft mix of teals, purples, violets, and blues,


all blended together to look like a mystical, magical watercolor painting on the bottom of the ocean floor.

So to get you in the under-the-sea mood right now, we rounded up the prettiest inspo photos to screenshot and stare dreamily at for the next thousand hours or so. You’re welcome.

Every personality has a mermaid hairstyle made for them. A treat for the eyes, mermaid hair, can have contrasting shades or similar shades.

Want to see soft and bright versions of mermaid hair? We have a few eye-catching mermaid hairstyles for you.

Get yourself a mermaid splashed hair! Bleach your hair blonde and balayage the ends with a mixture of dark blue and purple color.

The soft pastel shades make this hairstyle so trendy and finished. The final look gives an illusion of multiple shades, but this style is a mix of pink, blue and yellow.

The hairstyle compliments the various hues with its few twists. A mermaid hairstyle for a mermaid hair color.

The colors appear as if they are pencil colored into the gorgeous long blonde hair.

The mixture of green, pink, purple and yellow spans down like a beautiful waterfall.

The knotted half bun compliments the wavy hair. A hairstyle for the summer then you can flaunt on the beach.

These hair colors could glow in the dark. Such dramatic rainbow colors require dedication and must also be maintained for the colors to be bright.

Use of so many colors makes this rainbow hair shiny.

The trend of mermaid hair seems to be increasing a lot. The aqua berry color is achieved with a blend of teal at the base and sea-green at the ends. The braids seem to bring out the color more.

Balayage your hair wit a mixture of purple, blue, pink, brown and yellow color to create a rainbow effect on your hair.

The half bun hairstyle makes the colors have a smooth effect.