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Meet The Feminine Side Of High Fade Haircut 2019

Nowadays, women adopt to keep it short and attractive, and avant-mods mods apperceive that there is no bigger way than getting a fancy shaved hairstyle. Mohawks, clean fades, chic pixies; the trends of 2019 are cat-and-mouse for you to try! See how you can make your days more stylish, disregarding your hair type and hair color. Let’s keep it short, ladies!

Let’s get rid of the times when high and tight styles were meant only for men. This chic idea is here to prove that there are no hairstyles that women can’t pull off. So if you like this blonde fade haircut with cool darker roots, call your hairstylist and ask for a high fade. That will look lovely, we promise!

When you ask your hairstylist to for a fade haircut, he or she will probably offer you to leave the hair on top a bit longer. Yes, most short hairstyles keep your hairline visible, thus making your hair look more immaculate. You can style the hair on top with a comb, in any direction you want, just make sure that your hair is parted neatly.

The more colors, the better! This is the rule that every bold girl follows: if you are not afraid of big color changes, this idea will change your life for the better. Pale blue shade melted with darker bluish roots is a hair color to remember. A little tip: a hair tattoo on the faded sides will make a real statement.

Neatly styled hair is the first step towards elegance. It can be different, and faded sides with side slicked top can also exemplify this graceful quality. Girls with short hair who like both tomboy-inspired and minimalist looks will love this cute combination of the neat top and shaved sides.

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