Happy Birthday To Actress Manaka Ranaka

Manaka Ranaka, known for her wits on television and their reality tv show, the Ranakas is one who always keeps Mzansi on the edge of their seats. In honour of the times she’s kept us entertained today she’s celebrating her 42nd birthday.

Manaka was born in Soweto where she attended school at Dinwiddie High School. Her passion for acting came at a very young age and once she tapped into that industry she never looked back. However, being in the public eye has it’s downfalls sometimes and here’s a look when Manaka made the news he past year.

A tweep dug up an old Instagram post from her baby daddy Ntuthuko Mdlethse’s where he is posing next to his then-girlfriend. Manaka commented with “my favourite couple.”

When the tweet blew up, Manaka deleted her 2017 comment and replaced it with a new one. Many people have flooded the comments section of the very old picture, accusing the actress of being a homewrecker.

The actress had to re-visit a very unpleasant ordeal where she was given an ultimatum by her previous employers.

The proud mother revealed that when she was pregnant with her first baby, her previous employer who was a woman told her to abort her baby but she refused. This resulted in her getting fired.

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