Fantastic Glass Nail Art Designs 2018 Collection

Fantastic Glass Nail Art Designs 2018 Collection Nail art that looks like a shattered glass or glass with painted motifs is the hottest global glass nail art trend that has been originated in Korea. A special paper that looks like a glass is used to create these designs and motifs. Nobody is literally sticking shattered glass onto the nails.

Fantastic Glass Nail Art Designs 2018 Collection

This is a kitschy and a gaudy nail art that has different motifs on each finger.

It is not a good choice to go with this design, unless and until you are dressing up for a costume party.

This is not the kind of design recommended for daily wear.

This is an abstract rainbow nail art design that also has sequins glued onto the nails.

You must have long and conical nails to apply this style of nail art.

It is suitable for young women who love to maintain their nails.

Beautiful baby pink colored nails. This design is suitable for women of all ages and can be applied on nails of all lengths.

One of the suavest and sweet nail art designs suits women of all ages.

A black gel coat of nail polish is painted onto the nails of medium size.

To this abstract geometrical motifs are glued in the form of a film and glitter nail polish is painted onto it.


This is a beautiful example of glitter nail design. It is suitable for young girls in college.

This is a glass nail art with abstract geometrical shapes glued on the black background of the nail.


The nail length if of medium size and the shape of the nails is conical in shape.

All the nails except the ring nail are painted in solid and glossy black color. The ring nails on both the fingers are painted in shattered glass texture.

This is a creative way of applying glass nail art. Young girls can try this art.

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