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Top 60 Exquisite Short Bob Hairstyles for women 2018

Top 60 Exquisite Short Bob Hairstyles for women 2018 The bob is unchanged, and it’s one amongst the few styles that may continuously be in trend. Short bob hairstyles will work for any lady notwithstanding their face form and hair kind then it’s one amongst the simplest styles that you simply will wear once keeping short strands. However, the simplest factor is that the indisputable fact that there ar several styles that you simply will select from, and that they vary in color, styling, length, and texture.

Top 60 Exquisite Short Bob Hairstyles for women 2018

Although this hair has a lovely design, what makes it stand out is the colors used. Soft pink hues look fabulous on a blonde base, and they are perfect for the light skin tone.

Even though the locks are extra short, most people will only notice the fantastic color and fresh design.

If you like bright styles, then this blue headdress is a good idea for you as it is not only dazzling but also has a feminine look.


The blue design is very simple because apart from the bright hue there is nothing fancy about it since all that you need to do to the short hair is to give it a center part and push the two sections to the back.

This headdress looks very messy and unkempt, but this is what makes it a lovely idea to try out.

The locks have some nice volume, and a spiked up fringe over the forehead make it look intricate. Apart from the spiky fringe, the strands also have an excellent color thanks to the dark brown highlights.

Short fringes also make beautiful hairdos, and so you do not always have to trim your locks to look great. In this round graduation, the fringe is only a couple of inches long, and it fits in perfectly to the design used on the hair.

This design looks almost like a bowl cut but what makes it different is the fact that the hair is longer on the ears.

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