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Best Short Pixie Haircuts We Love for 2020

Free haircut. Pixie hairstyles hardly need styling. You can treat, mix and apply a cream without drying it on wet hair. You can immediately apply a strong straw gel or a hair paste for a glossy graphic finish. And if you choose a soft and fluffy Pixie haircut, you can do it with your hair dryer in minutes.

Self-expression. A short haircut is nothing special. They rarely enter a room and see 10 other women with elves. In addition, there are many options to fit the short cut, for example, the length of your bangs, the beauty of your hair with strong color or metallized or pastel, a form of asymmetrical hair, etc. with your haircut or not! Everything depends on you.

You are liberated. Living in its natural texture after years of relaxation is a process. Many women find it easier to navigate through the process by cutting their hair as relaxed as possible. With the “big heel” much damaged hair is removed and the new growth is easier to handle during the rest of the transition.

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