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16 Nude Nail Polish Colors – Find The Best Neutral Design

Nude nail polish is a must-have for every fashionable lady these days. However, there are so many tints to nude that you may be surprised. We have gathered all of them in our compilation, for you to find the best suitable one for yourself. What is more, the range of designs you can apply using nude shades is quite impressive too.

Nude nails are also a great option for formal occasions and brides. No matter what type of occasion you are up to, neutral nails will add a touch of sophistication to your look.

When you are choosing a nude nail polish, take into account a skin tone. Another useful thing to do is expand the variety of what is normally considered to be nude.

24 Terrific Designs Done With Gel Nail Polish To Try This Season

How is gel nail polish applied, what’s gel mani? This nail polish acts and looks like regular nail polish. However, it’s gel, and it requires special application conditions.

When doing gel nails, a technician starts with a special base coat, cures it with a LED or UV lamp, applies several coats of color (curing each of them), finishes with a special top coat and again, cures it. When the top layer dries, it is wiped off with rubbing alcohol.

These nail designs are quite sophisticated with these intricate patterns and smart color choices. However, they are done easier than you might think. With little practice, you can get these dreamy patterns.

Practically every woman loves flowers, so she will probably find these nail designs super adorable. They can be done with stamps, a brush, or even freehand.

Newest Burgundy Nails Designs You Should Definitely Try In 2021

Burgundy nails are the perfect choice for those who are tired of all the bright and pastel shades separately or even combined together. Not to mention that burgundy is the color of the season, there is nothing trendier these days, that is for sure. All in all, if you are seeking for something not boring and trendy, you have come to the right place.

This rich and elegant shade looks flattering no matter how long or short your nails are. Moreover, short burgundy nails look trendy and sophisticated, which makes them a perfect choice for modern girls who value practicality and have an exquisite sense of style.