33 Best Pixie Cuts For 2019 In Trend Now

33 Best Pixie Cuts For 2019 In Trend Now. Not every woman is bold enough to choose a pixie cut, because it would be hard to grow your hair back. However, compared with long hair, a pixie cut can give more focus to your whole face and quickly boost your confidence, giving you a modern look. So what’re you waiting for? Check out to explore these trending pixie cuts of 2019.

Broux Tapered Pixie


Updo Pixie Cut


This pixie cut features curly bangs on the top of the head, which help soften the sharp edges and add a feminine charm to the overall look. When you put on your beautiful earrings and walk outside, you’re the queen.

Cool Pompadour Pixie


A side swoop adds a touch of retro drama to this pixie cut. The beautiful curve on the head, makes it a gorgeous, fashionable and fabulous hairstyle. Keep its distinctive shape with the hairspray products like Bumble Spray de Mode Flexible Hold Hairspray.

Chic Undercut


The pompadour is not just a man’s privilege, it can work very well on a woman. Your hair will be shaped along the sides of your head to show off the look to perfect effect from various angles and it also enhances your brow line!

Messy Curls


You don’t need to worry about a super-short haircut when you have curly bangs as the latter makes your hair versatile and fashionable. For example, this low-maintenance pixie cut looks great. You can run a little gel through your mane, mess it up and enjoy the air-dried results.


You can play with length and color in your pixie so as to make it distinctive and gorgeous like this one below. It mingles the highlights with lowlights, producing a well-blended color that looks stylish from multiple perspectives.


This icy white blonde hair is trendy and creates an understated and a modern look. The soft parting and tones illuminate the face and complement various face shapes. Other highlights like the triangular edges make your profile look perfect.