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30+The Top Iconic Colorful Short Hairstyles for 2019

Colorful short hairstyles are presented here with classic elegance. When elegance meets trendy coloration, the result has the potential for wow effect!

Iconic Colorful Short Hairstyles With New Looks


Colorful short hairstyles are still very popular today. Above all the Bob. It is available in countless shapes, styles and variants. From the long Bob to the classic chin-length cut or the fringe Bob. Other current trend hairstyles have their origins in the 1970s.Celebs wore their blonde mane to today’s fashionable beach waves.

Colorful short hairstyles with natural blonde and soft browns are still at the top of the trend barometer. However, in order to give the color a trendy twist, coloration works very multifaceted. It works in different color gradients and nuances in the hair.

Whether a short Ombré or Balayage, it is important that the color  plays an important role. And that may well go beyond limits, as evidenced by the extravagant mermaid look.


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