33 Layered Haircuts, Hairstyles & Trends for 2019

Layered hair is something every lady needs to look perfect. The affair is that these days, the way we alive leaves us up to no added time to absorb on ourselves. That is why while looking amid types of haircuts, you should opt for something that is comfortable. Layered haircuts are at the top of the list since they offer you a variety of styling options altogether with actual variety of cuts. Besides, there is an additional advantage – styling hair with layers is almost a pleasure since it is easy and not that time consuming.

The variety of layered haircuts is strangely versatile. The thing is that you can opt for some layers whether you prefer short layered haircuts or medium, or even long layered haircuts. Besides, there is always a possibility to make the layers stand out or bland in. This icy-blonde haircut is a perfect example of the beauty of long layers blended together.

A pixie with layers looks quite sassy and daring with its shorter sides and longer top. The cut is pretty versatile when it comes to coloring options.

Who doesn’t love a classic bob? This version is perfect! The bob is beautiful and timeless. With the different lengths and styles available, there is definitely a bob for every face shape. Contrary to popular belief, layering is actually designed to remove volume. It allows the hair to be light enough to have movement.