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24+Different Looks With The Bob Haircuts for 2019

Bob haircuts don’t need the way to the hairdresser all the time. Especially with short hair, a proper haircut is required. Aren’t sure if you like the short haircut? Try the Bob and put up your long hair with hairpins. Straight angular, oval and narrow face shapes flatters the Bob enormously. Whether you choose a slanted bob or a pony, this hairstyle is highly versatile and offers endless styling options.

Bob haircuts in shape isn’t that difficult. All you need is a round brush, a hair dryer and a few styling products. First prepare your hair with heat protection, for example in foam or spray form. Pull the crown as you like to wear it. Then take hair part and turn it with the round brush. Then blow-dry the hairline and pull the brush from the neck to the tips.

Bob haircuts look very elegant with this shape. For this you take a heat protection product, straighteners and hair oil.  Apply some heat spray on the entire hair and put the upper part of the hair away.

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