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February 2020

32+ Grey Easy Nail Art At Winter Ideas For 2020

Women all over are going crazy over nail artistry. It is like meow!; look at my lovely nails, people! One just have to go to Pinterest to realize that nail art is popping up all over the show. It can also be seen on various nail art blogs,…

34+ Calm Green Nail Design Inspiration

For women, other body parts that are often beautified are nails. Usually, they do nail care and color it with nail polish with various attractive designs. Even for nail art lovers, they can replace it like changing clothes. Sometimes we…

trendy nail art designs for new year 2020

Can you believe we basically only have two more months until 2020 I know—kind of scary. Before you know it, you’ll be scrambling to figure out what sparkly dress you’re going to wear and how to style your hair. Something that’s equally as…