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April 2019

Newest Short Bob Haircuts for Women 2019

Short bob haircuts are everlasting looks that everyone can wear based on the chop. With many fresh and modern takes, your chopped bob hair may need adjustments to suit your taste. Take a look at this inspiring list of the short bob haircuts…

26 Attractive Nail Polish Ideas in 2019

You may have produced a terrific nail art utilizing different nail polishes but nevertheless, it might actually become a disaster in the event the colors chosen do not agree with your skin tone. Pakistani nail with the simple nail art…

40 Stunning minimal French Nail Art designs 2019

40 Stunning minimal French Nail Art designs 2019. French Nail Art designs are extremely popular nail art these days. Nail Art isn’t just about makeup. It tells a lot about your personality. It’s talks about your taste in life, in beauty and…