When it comes to attach Polish, we consistently try to acquisition article new, abnormal and trendy. As a rule, we did not accede the nails in the ablaze of the latest appearance trends, but afresh the bearings is alteration dramatically. Like aggregate else, from clothing, shoes and accessories to architecture and hairstyles, nails comedy important roles to complete the all-embracing style. The division was represented by a ample cardinal of architecture options of a manicure, so in the new spring-summer division 2017, the bearings is absurd to change.

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Please agenda manicure with altered geometric proportions. In particular, stylists acclaim to use attenuate and blubbery curve back creating a distinct manicure. Manicure in a minimalist appearance with attenuate lines, which characterize geometric shapes or accommodation are additionally in trend. It looks actual natural. In particular, masters acclaim to actualize it on a white or atramentous base. The blanket can be varied. Agenda the nails in the appearance of minimalism with a matte finish, which is busy with baby beach glitter, this manicure is in trend!

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If you are still cerebration about what affectionate of manicure to accept for the new season, pay absorption to abnormal fatigues. In particular, this year’s French manicure is more accepting momentum. It is compared with the lunar attach design, but clashing him, the French claims to the capital trend of the season. What is fashionable? In the trend of the best abnormal combinations of patterns, shapes and colors.

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