Colorful Stylish Summer Nails Design Ideas for 2018

Summer is the season for standing out. From ballsy swimsuits to beginning beard color, fun in the sun never looked so good. Instead of afraid to simple colors for your seasonal nail look, get accessible for a bulk of new account that will backpack you from alfresco blessed hours to boardwalk shenanigans. Accessible to get inspired? Scroll bottomward to see some of our admired summer nail art account that’ll accept you accessible for vacation.

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44 Bold Curly Pixie Cut Ideas for Women 2018

44 Bold Curly Pixie Cut Ideas for Women 2018 A well styled curly pixie cut is one of 2018’s cutest haircuts around. Pixie hairstyles blew up around the time Twiggy, iconic model of the sixties, chopped off her hair. The problem with that hairstyle for women? Her hair was straight. Lots of people think you have to be Twiggy (or maybe Natalie Portman) to pull off this cute hairstyle, but honestly, this style can be universally flattering.

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